Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One of the interesting things about the fiddle drowning out voices is what I think I hear. I thought a man gave me a dollar with the caveat, "This will help you out until you find a job", but I can't be certain. If I had tried this when I was younger and thinner-skinned, I would have been mortally offended. As it is, I'm highly amused if I'm right. I do have a "real" job, and I like it well enough. It pays the bills but it doesn't do much for the soul, hence the busking.


I've told a couple of my former teachers about the street performance gig. I'm not sure either of them is quite sure what to make of it, but I know they're pleased I'm performing. I think.


I replaced my A string, finally, as it was fraying under my fingers, and it became much easier to play. For you non-string players out there, it's like the difference between roller-skating on cobblestones and roller-skating on smooth pavement. They're both possible, but the pavement's much easier to navigate.


Conversation with a friend:

Me: So I mostly get change and dollars. If everyone gives me a dollar, it adds up. Actually...if everyone in Boston gave me a dollar...
Friend: You'd only have to do it once!


statler said...

Nice blog. Very sweet & warm. I hope to see/hear you in my T travels.

Fiddler said...