Tuesday, May 16, 2006

To the young woman who wanted to borrow my violin to play for me today:

I didn't mind at all letting you, and I'm sorry you took off before I got a chance to talk to you more, but the rapper wanted to talk to me about me possibly recording with him (I didn't commit one way or the other...it would be interesting, but I have absolutely no experience in that realm), and by the time I finished with him, you were gone. You sort of reminded me of a student from back home, Nora, who would have done something much like that. I was afraid you were embarrassed at having trouble remembering what you were trying (a little Mozart, a little Bach), and I wanted to reassure you. If you see me again, I'll be happy to talk to you more, especially since I suspect you were a Suzuki kid at one point.

To the Asian gentleman a bit older than me who borrowed my violin to play for me today:

I didn't know it was "Borrow Buskers' Instruments" day, but again, I didn't mind. Thank you for that rendition of Schubert's Staendchen; I honestly enjoyed it.

To the both of you:

You're considerably more extroverted than I. I was keeping a very close eye on you, but all was well, and I really wanted to see what you could do.

To the T:

You could save paper by having the "WET PAINT" signs all over Haymarket just say "WET", as it was raining on the stairs between the Green and Orange Lines. Also, it was raining on the T Performers' Area on the platform on State Street. The underground, fully enclosed platform.

To my fellow T riders:

Thank you for not seeming to notice when I gasped out loud when the train emerged from NE Medical and there was SUN. I went underground immediately after work, you see, and I took the train from Government Center to Haymarket (I assumed it was still crappy out), and I was pleasantly amazed.

To nobody in particular:

"Ashokan Farewell" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" are tied this week for people telling me it's their favorite song, at one apiece.


Anonymous said...

what a fun blog! i am always wondering about you busker-type people!

Fiddler said...

Thanks! I wonder about me too, sometimes. :)

Feel free to ask questions!