Thursday, May 18, 2006

There is something soul-soothing about fiddling outside, surrounded by trees and grass and flowers, with the recently rediscovered sun beaming merrily upon this calm oasis within the bustle of the city, and a spirited zephyr dancing through the trees, bringing to life the branches, the leaves on the ground, the...hey...HEY! That's my dollar! You bring that back, you stupid wind!

And that is why God created small rocks.


Moment of Cute: Mom, Dad, boy about eight, girl about five. Boy asks mom if he can give me money; she gives permission; he digs some of his own change out of his wallet and gives his sister some so she can tip me herself.


Last week, I was playing semi-consciously away in North Station (the Fiddler usually does her first set of the day before caffeine, which makes for some blurry recollection of what she's already played), and I looked over to see this charming blonde with a curious expression whom I'd never seen before saying my name at me. A blink or two later, I realized it was a soprano I'd seen pictures of and had chatted with online a fair amount, but I hadn't actually met her yet. That was nifty.


It's not every day a Minuteman appears in South Station and drops coins in your case with a "It's nice to hear something familiar." I will probably never know if he was being in character or not.


As of yesterday, it was still raining in State Street Station. I was so pleased to be able to play outside today that I didn't bother going to check today.

Speaking of the T, I saw a young man wearing a double bass on his back hoping to get on a Green Line car during rush hour the other day. I don't know if he ever succeeded; I hope so, but considering how many people I smack with my violin on the T on a regular basis, I suspect not.

If I ever have or ever do hit you with my case, I hereby apologize.


About every third time I decide to play "Cripple Creek", I see someone on crutches or in a wheelchair and I just can't do it, man.

"Greensleeves" now has a vote this week for favorite tune, so that's one each for "Greensleeves", "Ashokan Farewell", and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Nobody ever says "Chicken Reel" is their favorite. Poor "Chicken Reel".


Tip of the Week so far: A Charms Cherry Sweet Pop. It's sealed, and I saw who gave it to me; I'm sure it's fine.



Gary McGath said...

I'm not sure I've ever heard "Chicken Reel" played, except in old cartoons with barnyard settings.

LaDivina said...

What is it about you running into blonde sopranos at North Station? LOL

Fiddler said...


Yeah, there is the whole Foghorn Leghorn thing. Leroy Anderson (of "Sleigh Ride" fame, and if you already knew that, I didn't mean to insult your intelligence) arranged "Chicken Reel" for orchestra. It's also one of the tunes in "Millionaire's Hoedown".

At the moment, it's part of my "bird set", which consists of that, "Turkey in the Straw", "Swallowtail Jig", and "Red Wing".

Fiddler said...


Oh, I can think of worse things to happen. :)