Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Dear Parents of My Students,

I always feel just terrible when I give my students a lecture or "that look" for not having practiced/acquired/learned something, and then I find out it's because the adult didn't write down the assignment/get the book/reviewed the material. Especially when the parent isn't in the room. Granted, especially with kids who can read, I don't accept much of the "my mom didn't tell me to" when I know the assignment was written down...particularly when I'm the one who wrote it*...but it makes my job easier and less guilt-inducing if you can follow through.

Or if you don't, let me know. I'm fairly forgiving, because I can barely keep track of my own stuff and I don't have kids, but when I've been assigning preview listening for three months, the student has no idea what I'm talking about, I lecture kid, and THEN I find out the CD was never gotten, and it's at the point where we really need it now...I don't really enjoy making children cry.**


The Violin Teacher

*My handwriting is admittedly atrocious, but everyone has my e-mail address for clarification.