Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'll take it!

I have one family in which I'm teaching a nine-year-old violist, a five-year-old violinist and Mom. Mom's learning some bluegrass fiddle. I suggested that she get a certain book so she and the violist could play together, and she said, "I'd like that, but he insists on only playing classical music. I suppose there are worse things he could be a stickler about."

Ah, how well I remember being a classical-only snob and missing out on a whole lot of music from the '80s. And my parents were more into folk music and light rock. Now I have to listen to classic rock stations to supplement my education.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teaching fun

(N.B. "Amy" is not this student's real name.)

Me: Did you loosen your bow?...Did you loosen your bow? Amy? Amy? AMY?
Amy, startled: What?
Me: What did I just say twice?
Amy: Um...my name?
Me and her mom: *hysterical laughter*

Yes, dear, but...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The power of thought

I was just thinking the other day how long it had been since I'd been hit on while busking by someone totally unsuited to me.

Yesterday at Park Street, a guy asked how long I'd been playing violin.

"Since fourth grade, so quite a while."

"Do you chase the men, or do men chase you?"

"...(oh). I'm married."

"Aw. I was totally about to ask you out."

"Heh, sorry."

"Do you know anyone who's single? Seeing a beautiful woman with a stringed instrument just does something to me."

"(I don't want to know what.) No, sorry. Don't miss your train."

"Huh? Oh, oh yeah."

"Bye! (Oy.)"