Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When I went to one of my usual T haunts this morning, someone was already there performing. It's a first-come, first-serve sort of deal, so I really couldn't be too annoyed.

So I went to the Common, to see how I did playing for people on their way to work.

Short answer: Not so well, but I do like to be outside.

Longer observation: I couldn't help getting the impression that people were more likely to think of me as a panhandler than a performer, considering the location and time.

I also couldn't help getting the impression that a person could leave a corpse wrapped in a blanket in the middle of the Common in the middle of the night, and nobody would notice for quite a while.


Small children can be incredibly cute, really, especially when they belong to other people.

When I'm busking outside, I have a rock in my case to weigh down the paper money. A small boy, I'm guessing around two, came up with a tip, picked up the rock, said to me, "Someone put this in your case", and flung it away. I waited to retrieve it until he had left.

Today, a different small boy, who I'd also guess was about two, attracted a small audience with his dancing to my playing. Said dancing consisted mainly of bouncing in place and spinning around, all with a huge grin.


Someday I may get used to being a photo opportunity, but it still surprises me when people actually pose next to me.


A nice young gentleman whom I believe to have had mild Down syndrome chatted with me for a while about how he plays violin and piano and wants to learn drums. Having once taught someone with a developmental disability, I was pleased to hear that this guy had had the opportunity to learn music.


A different man complimented my "stroking technique". I most sincerely hope he was referring to bow strokes.


Yet another man called out to me, "Hey, Mairi's getting married!" while I was playing "Mairi's Wedding." I like it when people recognize the tunes I play, especially the slightly more obscure ones.


A young lady gave me a card with a drawing of a cat with a fiddle, but it has an invalid URL on the back. What I don't know is if she just happened to have it with her, if it's her own drawing, or if she's seen me around and was hoping to run into me again. I liked the drawing though, and it lives in my case now.


When I'm playing outside, I see a lot of dogs with their people, and sometimes the resemblance between dog and human amazes me. I'm not a big fan of tiny dogs in general, although I understand that those who have them love them. I even understand that very small dogs don't have much by way of natural weatherproofing, and maybe they need a sweater or something to keep out the chill.

But ma'am, was it really necessary to coordinate your sweater with your Yorkie's? I mean, it's OK to love your pets, but don't dress like your pets. Please. No, really, don't do it.

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