Saturday, May 27, 2006

More notes on dogs:

I can't really say as I'm a fan of tail docking, since I've never owned a dog for which such a procedure is traditional, but please, if you're going to have your dog's tail docked, trim it so it doesn't end up looking like a whisk broom or something.

Also, I observed two incidents in the T involving guide dogs. One man with a guide dog was playing banjo on the Orange Line, and this other man came up and kept petting the dog despite the owner's requests that he stop. The man who was not the dog's owner actually got offended that he couldn't pet the dog. Just because the dog is lying down doesn't mean it's not on duty.

And also on the Orange Line while I was playing, I saw a man approaching a woman and her guide dog, reaching out to pet the dog head-on without asking permission. I'm fairly sure it's not a great idea to approach any strange dog without warning, but even more so when it's a working dog that's not yours.


I was trying to get to South Station from Downtown Crossing last night, and I missed two southbound Red Line trains because they were too full to accept any more passengers. If the Red Line is supposed to be getting more attention than the other lines, why can't they run more trains?


Several people over the last few days have told me to make sure to keep up my music. I'm not really at any risk of quitting, but I appreciate the sentiment. One woman in the Public Garden said she hoped I'd be there all summer.


One of the more unusual men who's talked to me (the one who decided I'm in the BSO) found me again and wanted me to play Bach for him, so I chose a pair of bourrees, with all repeats. He kept talking to me while I was playing. I just get an odd vibe off him; I'm sure he's not neurotypical, but I don't think he's dangerous.


A group of Urban Youth (tm) walked by while I was playing earlier this week, and one of them yelled "You're doing a great job, miss!" People consistently surprise me.

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