Saturday, June 03, 2006

So a couple days ago, I played at Stony Brook after work for First Thursdays. I was going to go down to Centre Street and play outside there, but then the heavens opened, so that plan was negated.

I was talking to the woman who'd asked me to play in the first place, and she started telling me about this blog she'd found by a Boston violinist and how the blogger was talking about not touching the fiddler, and I said, " that the Accidental Fiddler?"


"Um...that's me."

The whole evening was a little surreal, especially when I found someone I knew from a previous lifetime working at Emack and Bolio's.

Also during that evening, someone asked if I could play and dance at the same time, like Natalie MacMaster. I can barely walk and breathe at the same time, so I laughed and said, "Not quite." He said that by the time I'm her age, I'll be able to.

I checked, and she's younger than I am. So much for that theory.


I was playing on City Hall Plaza on Thursday, and I had to quit early, not because of the weather or anything, but because Dashboard Confessional was doing their sound check.


A man started talking to me while I was packing up, and something about him just presented as a little off. He turned out to have some trouble understanding appropriate inhibitions in interacting with strangers. He asked if guys hit on me all the time, and I told him not really, and anyway, I was taken. He said he'd ask me out in a heartbeat; I thanked him, but I'm taken. He said he thought girls with stringed instruments were automatically erotic, and I could play scantily-clad for my boyfriend, and were my measurements 36-24-36?

Then the train came. I'm often happy to see the Orange Line, but I was even happier to see it at that moment.


I was playing "Red River Valley", and an older woman came up and started singing along with tears in her eyes. People have told me I made them cry before (usually with "Danny Boy"), but this is the first time I've actually seen it happen. I've been so involved in music for so long that sometimes I lose sight of how it affects people.


A man hopped off a Green Line train and took my picture. He had a digital camera, and he showed me the result, and it just proved that my concentrating face looks like my mad face. That's why I try to remember to smile while I'm playing; I don't want to appear unapproachable.

Except maybe to guys who think all chicks with stringed instruments are erotic, because that's just a little creepy.


Anonymous said...

I'm learning "Red River Valley" on the mandolin, and it makes me cry, too. But then, so does sucking at playing the mandolin;)

Awesome blog you have. Keep going.
Tim (friend of Eeka).

LaDivina said...

I always wanted to play the mandolin. I like growing my nails out, though, so that pretty much disqualifies me.

To Fiddler: btw, if you really want to learn the Godfather theme, hang out at DT Crossing and play along with the Filene's carillon. :D

Fiddler said...


I also suck at playing the mandolin. It's that tremolo thing. Also I never practice it.

And thanks!


I'm not sure I'd recognize the theme if I heard it, sadly enough. I mean, I'm sure I would, but I don't know if I'd automatically go, "Ooooh, Godfather!"

Um, which if I did, I probably would only want to say in my head so much.