Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love my students

In which I relate some of the things my students have said lately. I will give only their ages; if you happen to belong to one of these students (although I'm not aware that any of my families read this, one never knows on the Internet), please realize that I post in the spirit of love, never mockery. These are all different kids.

"This is going to take forMINUTES!" --age 4 (did not mean "four minutes", definitely meant "forminutes")

"I hate zippers. They get caught on everything. Once I zippered my skin. I don't even like sliding doors." --age 9 (after getting violin strings stuck in the zipper on the violin case; neither of us knows just how.)

Me: Try putting your second finger across from your thumb.
*long pause*
Student, age 8: Oh my God. I forgot what "across" means.

Me: What does this little dot here mean?
Student, age 8: Soft. Loud? Short-long-fluffy-ARGH!

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