Monday, October 26, 2009

Check your algorithm

OK, so I just looked up the lyrics for "C is for Cookie", because I couldn't remember which other food "with a bite out of it looks like the letter C". The site pulled up the lyrics, which is right, the other songs from the "Sesame Street Platinum All-Time Favorites" album, which is right, and a list of other similar songs.

Which turns dreadfully wrong when you look and see that the second song is "Y'all Niggaz" by DMX (to which I will not link, as I want to keep this a basically family-friendly blog).

Upon reflection, I can see how it happened...gangsta rap and Sesame Street songs share characteristics of a fairly strict meter and rhyme scheme, simple harmonic structure, and repetition of key words or phrases, so they are quite structurally similar. However, in this situation, one might want to figure out a way to analyze for content.

Now I want to write my thesis on the comparision between Sesame Street songs and gangsta rap. I think that might not get approved.

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