Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Busking at Government Center, Green Line.

A middle-aged woman in a powder-blue Red Sox cap pulled down over her eyes was going around fake sneezing and saying "I'm allergic to evil!"

I have a hard time hearing when I'm playing, so I wasn't sure if she said "evil" or "fiddle", so I wasn't sure if she was talking to me per se...I mean, she was, because she fake-sneezed over my case and said it twice; I just couldn't quite understand her. Then I saw she was going around doing the same thing to everyone else on the platform until a T inspector had a word with her. Then she got on the train.

I talked to the T inspector, who said "She's got problems; she's gonna do that to the wrong person and get herself punched out. You can't be goin' around doin' that to people. She's uneasy."

Of course, I thought of comebacks later; it's probably just as well I don't think of these things in the moment.

"Really? I'm allergic to evil too! But it's mostly evil hamsters."
"Have you tried the new ClariSin tablets?"
"Oh? I'm allergic to crazy/ignorant/Red Sox hats."
Anything in another language

I think too much.

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