Saturday, November 10, 2007

What fresh hell is this?

So now that T-Radio is gone (and I do have notes from the meeting with Pyramid Radio), they want to install T-TV. If there's no sound, I guess I don't really have much of a problem with it, except for the general offensiveness of having MORE ads shoved in my a busker, it's OK.

This battle, however, was just fought in 1993-1995. Sure, it's been a few years, but many of the same people are still around to fight it this time too.

Hey, MBTA, want to make more money? Try, I don't know, COLLECTING FARES. I can't count the number of people I see get on through the back door at above-ground Green Line stops. There are supposed to be inspectors checking for fare evaders. I saw one once in the past ten months, and I do ride above-ground on the Green Line a couple times a week. I recently rode the commuter rail from West Newton to Worcester, twelve stops, about an hour-long ride, the conductor hanging out in the vestibule where I was sitting...and he never asked me for a fare. People are forever holding Charlie gates for their friends; I see groups of six, eight, ten people going through the gates on one fare.

I don't think the MBTA gets to complain about being broke when they can't or won't enforce the fare collection system they have now.

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Anonymous said...

Please please please never tell the MBTA to start collecting fares. I love their system of allowing everybody who is young and dressed half-decent onto the green line for free based on the assumption that we go to nearby colleges.

Actually, what I love even more is the way that half of their entrances on the red line are never guarded, so even if I run in and set off a loud alarm, I don't get caught.

Come to think of it, I guess they won't be losing much money from me when I start avoiding them due to their stupid new forced-advertising program.