Thursday, October 11, 2007

T Radio update (I meant to post the preceding post last night, but I didn't).

I was not at either North or South Stations today, so I still haven't heard it for myself. However, here is what I did today so far:

1) Called Transit Realty Associates (TRA), the organization that handles the permits. The woman I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about, hadn't heard of T radio, and said there's nothing they can do. So us buskers give them money why? I'm planning to call back tomorrow and see if I can talk to whoever actually does the permit issuing.

2) Called the T's customer service line (that's (617) 222-3200) and talked to a nice lady who, unsurprisingly, ALSO hadn't heard of T radio but who was sympathetic and said she would put in a complaint.

3) Called the Metro (the free daily paper) to see if they'd accept an editorial from me. Left a message. Will write it regardless of their answer.

For a current view of this situation and a history of buskers vs. Boston authoritahs, go here.

I've spoken to a couple of my regular listeners and told them what was up and asked them to contact the T. They said they would; who knows...I think the woman with the two-year-old who adores me probably will.

I sent the following feedback to the T:

As a subway musician, I am very concerned about this program and the effect it will have on those performers, such as myself, who are trying to make a living sharing our music with others. North Station and South Station are, due to their traffic volume, two of the best stations at which to play. Losing those venues would be bad enough; if T Radio ends up playing through the entire subway system, then that's the death knell for live music in the T and another expression of creativity will be silenced. I have always received a positive response from people; some of them miss me when I'm gone for a couple of weeks, and many have told me I've made their commute better.

I don't understand why this is being piloted when there's already music in many stations, and I definitely don't understand why none of the musicians affected were notified, since all our names and addresses are on file at the Transit Realty Authority, who manages the Subway Performers Program.

Please reconsider this idea. Thank you.


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