Friday, October 19, 2007

A couple weeks ago, I got a very delicious tip in the form of an apple and some grapes from a nearby farmer's market.

Mind you, they were given to me by a friend, so I knew she hadn't poisoned them or anything. I don't accept unsealed food from strangers...I do appreciate the thought, but there's some weird folks out there.

(OK, there's some weird folks right here, but it's not that kind of weird.)


Anonymous said...

Sign online and send your complaint straight to Beacon Hill. Stop the MBTA from barraging subway riders with radio commercials and muzak. Keep *live* music.

Click Community Arts Advocates.Org to view the long history of the struggle for free expression in the MBTA!

Fiddler said...

I did link to the petition a couple posts ago, but thanks for the reiteration!