Thursday, July 22, 2010

From out and about

I was walking past a preschool in my neighborhood. An older woman was walking behind me. A young man who works at the preschool had two toddlers in hand.

Relevant information: The toddlers were very dark skinned. The woman behind me was somewhat lighter than they were. I am as white as white can be...I do have a tan from being outside, but still.

Toddler 1, upon seeing me: That's my mommy!
Toddler 2: No, that's MY mommy!
1: NO, that's MY mommy!
2: NOOOO, that's MY mommy!

They pass me. From behind me, I hear:

1: That's not my mommy.
2: No, that's not MY mommy!

Then they see the woman behind me....

1: That's my mommy!
2: No, that's MY mommy!

Neither she nor I were, in fact, either of these children's mommies. But they were oh so very cute.

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