Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who are you to judge me???

(Title a la Dorothy Zbornak)

I was busking at Porter, playing "Sunrise, Sunset", when a guy came up and told me...not asked me, told me...to play something happier. So I switched to "To Life", which wasn't happy enough for him. I think I then switched to "Devil's Dream", at which point he said something like, "See? People like HAPPY music!"

If all I played was fast fiddle tunes, both I and my audience would probably get bored. Interest lies in contrast. And I like Fiddler on the Roof, even if it's not "happy" enough for this guy. Hmph.


NealG said...

Next time try for the music from the opening credits of the movie version of Fiddler performed by Issac Stern. That will get their toes tapping!

Fiddler said...

Yes. And then my fingers will fall off. As it says in the Good Book, when a poor fiddler tries to be rich, the ducks will fly.

(Where does it say that??)

Well, maybe it doesn't say that exactly, but somewhere, there is something about a duck!