Monday, August 31, 2009

Boom bike

In my years busking in the Public Garden, I've learned to tune out all sorts of beeping horns, wailing sirens, cursing pedestrians and quacking Duck Boats.

Of course, there are also boom cars, which I usually notice peripherally while busking (I notice them far too often at every hour of the day and night on our street, but that's a different story). I heard what I assumed was a boom car, but it kept coming closer instead of continuing on. Suddenly a guy on a bicycle appeared; the bike had a boom box duct taped to the rack.

My first reaction was annoyance; this thing was super loud, and how dare he inflict his music on the rest of us?

My second reaction was a realization that I'm making part of my living inflicting my music on innocent passersby; do I really have the moral high ground in this situation?

My third reaction was yes. Yes, I do.

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