Friday, July 24, 2009

Amazing focus

So I'm used to mesmerizing small children, but the other day in the Public Garden, there was an eight-month-old baby in his stroller who not only looked more like Winston Churchill than most babies, but who had a facial expression of utter concentration on what I was doing, as though he only needed the slightest furthering of language development to produce a witty, yet accurate, critique of my technique and repertoire choices.

If you've ever sat in a meeting with a professor and outlined an essay proposal which said professor thought would be an excellent topic but wanted to make sure you took certain aspects into account, that was the facial expression involved here.

He and his mother stayed for at least half an hour, during which time she fed him, and he played with some type of Big Bird baby toy, all the while checking in every so often to make sure I was still playing to his liking. He laughed with a mouth full of pureed food occasionally, so I think I did all right by him.

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